Sharing God's love and grace through athletics.

Our Hope

God ordained family structure to be the one and only fortress we’ll ever have. That’s why the world, and the “non-believers” who live in it, continue to attack our families and distort the role God gave us as parents, providers and protectors of His children. Whether here in our own back yard, or in impoverished nations around the world,  evidence shows us that children from financially struggling households are often times left out of socially engaging activities because they just don’t fit in. They get picked on and bullied because they don’t have the worldly possessions of their peers. Due to the financial struggles of the parents these children are often times left to their own resources for social development and mental stimulation. In such cases far too many children choose to follow a path of darkness and destruction that in turn harbors deep and soulful wounds well into parent-hood. Without the love of Jesus in their lives these wounds are never given an opportunity to heal and they infect the generation that is yet to come. This is a perpetual cycle of destruction for many of today’s children living all parts of the world and we need your help. Our hope is that by providing a God-centered partnership at home, in the church, in the community, and on the playing field we will help develop a more complete family united in mind, body and spirit.




the facts

Did you know that children from financially struggling households (less than $20,000 annually) account for,

    63% of youth suicides

    71% of pregnant teenagers

    90% of today’s runaways

    85% of the youth in prisons

    69% of high school drop outs

    75% of teens in drug and alcohol treatment programs

Did you know that mentored children are,

    46% less likely to use drugs or alcohol

    53% less likely to resort to violence

    61% more likely to excel in school 

    57% less likely to become pregnant under the age of 21

    72% less likely to have suicidal tendencies

    66% less likely to run away from home

These are numbers we cannot ignore. NOW is the time to get involved and invest in the life of a less fortunate child!

**Sources of research data found in this outline include US Dept. of Health & Human Resources; Center for Disease Control; US Dept. of Justice; Dept. of Corrections; National Principals Association